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By jane (registered) | Posted May 26, 2006 at 15:40:58

My comment is not issues that you have recently discussed,but on today's poverty forum on James St N. Lack of job skills,learning problems,mental health issues,family issues i.e. lack of good parenting skills seem to be just a few reasons for the poverty cycle.I realize age ,physical infirmatity etc. are also part of the picture too. However,in looking at crime stats you do see that lack of education ,skills useful to the community,and for the self respect of the individuals themselves. It seems a conundrum that on paper looks to be an easily answered issue,of course we know it is not. It does seem that at the very earliest children need testing,i.e. observing ,and guided more closely into programmes that suit them and their needs. I believe some of the inner city schools are doing this to their best ability. It seems such a tragedy when you see someone roaming the streets in some cases begging for money at a very youthful age. How have we failed these young folks?How did they miss the opportunities?Why in some cases the only gainful "job" they have had is a criminal activity? Where and how can we create a more failsafe experience for these young folks?Is there a way to prevent the tragedy before it becomes ingrained?? Stronger families, more community support? Hamilton is a caring community just having today's forum tells us that. May we make some headway toward looking at our weakest links ,and strengthening them. Thanks, Hammer

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