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By Ed Simms (anonymous) | Posted October 29, 2010 at 19:25:32

I used to not care much about leaf blowers.. mainly because nobody in my neighbourhood used them.
But in the past 5 years many people have moved away and those who replaced them seem to all have brought with them leaf blowers.
There are two living side-by-side who use the 2-stroke gas versions everyday during peak 'leaves-falling-off-the-trees' season.
They blow every single leaf off their driveways and lawns.. and onto the road. Often they doit simultaneously.. Then you get that magical undertone that 2 screaming engines make when operated in unison.
They do it every single day for about 2 - 3 weeks..
On weekends one of these idiots does it twice a day.
There is something seriously wrong with that sort of attitude toward your new neighbours.
It's the equivalent of taking a dump on your neighbours front steps every day. Seriously, to me it is that ignorant and inconsiderate.
They have ignored repeated requests to stop doing this on a daily basis. So complaints have been made to the city regarding blowing the refuse (leaves, stones etc) onto the street.
Hopefully a warning or a fine will be enough to slow down these half-wits.
On an unrelated note, the same two burn the leaves that accumulate in their back yards.. I guess they're too lazy to even blow them around the side of the house and out to the street.
It's a massive fine for burning leaves now.. hmmmm..

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