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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted October 29, 2010 at 07:35:16

(Yeah I just called something an infernal contraption, I'm feeling old today....)

Just don't start having a conniption!

Manicured looks are easily done with a rake, a hand-reel mower and a pair of garden shears, except in the case of physical disability, in which case (if I am not mistaken) electric outdoor appliances are lighter to handle (and definitely quieter). My grandmother kept her large suburban yard looking nice until she was eighty and moved to an apartment by cutting the lawn herself with a nice, light, electric mower-- and various adult children and adult grand children as well as great-grandchildren to rake leaves for her. I remember one day my dad, my older kids and I were over working in the yard: what a nice visit it was. Couldn't have had any conversation over the drone of gas-powered appliances, if we were using them.

Which brings me to another point: not much conversation over the fence can go on when it's a beautiful day and everyone's out working in their yard with leaf-blowers, etc.

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