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By frank (registered) | Posted October 28, 2010 at 09:38:05

Undustrial, I think it's mostly not average lot owners who use leaf blowers. It's usually a landscaper who is trying to get as many lots done in a day as possible. If someone's blowing leaves onto a road or your property, video it including the name of the company and send the video to bylaw and repeat until the bylaw office says they've done something about it.

The bottom line is there's a noise bylaw and unless they're contravening that they're allowed to power up whenever they want. I might not like it, you might not like it but I'm sure you do things that other people don't like to. I'm not sure but I would assume that leaves are treated the same way as water, meaning that you aren't allowed to take what's on your property and simply put it on another person's property.

It's illegal to cycle on the sidewalk and it's FAR more dangerous and annoying than leaf blowers. It's also perpetrated by far more people...seems like a much better thing to complain about.

As far as I know, leaves don't ruin car tires at all so that's a lame excuse to clean up a parking lot. Before you shoot the video I'd suggest letting them know you're doing so and for what purpose just to give them an opportunity to stop. It might also be a good idea to contact the bylaw office or your local councilor to find out if blowing leaves onto the road or another's property is illegal or not. Have as much information as possible before you approach them.

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