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By jason (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 23:12:15

They've said that they'll instruct the 'landscaping' workers to not blow stuff over neighbours fences.
And to be honest, I'm certain the HREB folks did pass on the message - anytime I've had to deal with them they have been fantastic and easy to work with. I think the problem lies with the workers. These guys look like they've just rolled out of bed and are just standing there blowing away barely staying awake with their massive earmuffs on.
My favourite part of the whole ordeal is that they blow all the leaves onto surrounding roads on Saturday and by Monday morning the parking lot is covered in leaves again, both from leaves falling off the trees and many of the leaves blown onto the road blowing back onto the lot.

A few weeks ago a middle aged man walking his dogs past the property was blasted with a pile of leaves and dirt by one of the workers not paying attention to whether anyone was walking by. I thought there was going to be a full-out donnybrook. LOL. He just laid into them all, first for blasting him, and then he started laying into them for "using those stupid things and ruining every Saturday morning for the whole neighbourhod". LOL He was great. Just yelled at them for about 10 minutes.

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