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By jason (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 22:42:56

I live behind the Hamilton Real Estate Board on York Blvd. Every few Saturday's their 'landscaping' company (who I've never actually seen do any landscaping) shows up armed with leaf blowers and, get ready for it, blows all the leaves off their parking lot. That's right. The parking lot. There is no grass on their property. It's office building and parking lot. Apparently the leaves bother car tires, so what's the solution? They blow all the leaves off the parking lot onto Strathcona Ave and York Blvd so they can damage other people's tires I presume. And here's the best part - they blow tornados of leaves over our fences all over our backyard patios and furniture. Whenever all of us neighbours hear the jet engines, I mean leafblowers, start up we come outside with our morning coffees and scream at each other how we will keep an eye on "the idiots" when they come over by our fences. A few weeks ago I spent an hour cleaning off my back patio and furniture knowing that a massive 2-day rain storm was going to arrive by noon. Just as I finish my cleaning the rain started coming down so I headed inside. 5 minutes later I look out the back window to see my entire patio and dining set covered in dirt, leaves etc..... I ran back out in the rain and did a quick 10 minute clean of everything I had just cleaned for an hour and leaned over the fence and asked the worker to knock it I have so many times before.....and will so many times to come. But, hey, I can live with a little inconvenience if it means all those cars won't have to be ruined by driving on leaves.

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