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By geoff's two cents (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 18:55:41

Thanks for writing, Ted. Anytime I'm trying to relax, read a book or sleep in past 8 or 9, hearing a leaf blower puts me in a pretty foul mood. I've also eaten in restaurants later in the day and had the excessive exhaust from one (someone who appeared to be blowing mostly water during a rainfall) give me a headache while I'm trying to enjoy a meal.

It's curious to me how much of a fad leaf blowers have become. These things are used so often when they add little or nothing to the job that needs accomplishing (unless your job is to ruin someone's quiet moment or air quality), or when the job can just as easily be accomplished by quiet, non-polluting machines (rakes or leaf picker-uppers) or even when things can simply be left well enough alone (the practically leaf-bare sidewalk I mentioned above during that rain storm, for instance).

Leaf blowers are easily on my top five pet peeves - right up there with amplified exhaust systems, gas-powered lawn mowers and people who don't move to the back of the bus.

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