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By Jarod (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 16:34:12

If a rake is too slow then what's wrong with this?

I agree with the concept. Though there are likely some design flaws, such as it gets clogged (in much the same way your beater brush for your vacuum gets bogged down), the handle does APPEAR too short...but that really shouldn't stop could just be resting on the ground and go higher....or, you know....Red Green it up and make something work....

The only other things I probably wouldn't like about it is that it is just one more thing to store. This isn't a real argument though, since...if you have your own leaf blower, you have to store it also...

I wonder if that would actually be faster than a rake? I'm only thinking...out loud...but using a rake or leaf blower allows you a range of motion unrestricted by something attached to the ground. This thing means you would have to move in a dedicated pattern...

A friend of mine has a lawn vacuum. As soon as he said it I instantly thought of the hair vacuum. But, apparently, the thing works magic for that thick leaf blanket on your lawn. It does have to be plugged in though, and as such will create a noise...which appears to be the basis of all hell breaking loose.

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