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By just wondering (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2007 at 14:37:07

Not to point fingers of blame, but I cannot help but wonder why Hamilton must rely on folks from away to revitalize business in our city.

In other cities artists are quickly followed into down-at-heels business districts by design shops, gift stores and new restaurants. Store-front furniture shops offering sleek, trendy furniture hail the arrival of condo and apartment developers.

With the exception of Mixed Media, and the nearby tattoo shop and arts bookstores, I can't think of many new businesses that have capitalized on traffic generated in the James North gallery district. By refusing to open on Friday gallery strolls, I am given the impression some of the earlier, existing businesses don't want this increased traffic.

Am I wrong, or is Bread & Roses Cafe the only new restaurant in the district since the galleries arrived? Oops, wait, there is one new, eat-in bakery just north of the Amories. So am I'm just impatient, waiting for Hamilton's version of the Drake or Gladstone hotels. Where are the small, touristy operations that seem to flourish in similar communities in other towns?

Not that I'm about to open shop myself. I'm anything but retail oriented. Still I cannot help but wonder why Hamilton's small business class seems slow to respond. Is there a limit to the level of entrepreneurial spirit in Hamilton? Is there something the Chamber of Commerce or local business schools need to address?

Or am I the only one still seeing the glass half empty?

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