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By frank (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 08:40:19

Wow! Ever use a leaf blower? They're quite effective even at distances greater than 10 feet. It's also possible to have an electric one. Until today I didn't believe it was possible to write such a long article whining about something as mundane as a leaf blower!

Just because people have a different idea about how their property should look doesn't mean that they're less intelligent or less "right" than you are. I happen to love the smell of a two stroke engine and I don't mind the noise at all since it lasts all of what, maybe 20 minutes if it's a large property.

While I do think that blowing leave is dumb since its affect can be achieved in other ways, in some cases it's quite handy to use one. When I was growing up, my parents had a large garden and two large maple trees. We found that the best way to get the leaves out from between the perennials' leaves was to use a blower. And before you ask, yes they do need to come out because leaving them there only keeps the mice happy during the snowy winter months. Whole leaves don't degrade fast enough to be used as compost in a garden.

Perhaps you could write about something far more dangerous like cycling on sidewalks or if you want to stick to picking on two strokes, those stupid bikes with the motors on them. Leaf blowers are a temporary, seasonal item and are used for a short period of time, far less dangerous than you try to make them sound and, I would argue, necessary for a small business like a landscaping company in order to remain viable.

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