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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 21:38:40


Its not about what hes done or not done. Its about public image. As much as you love Matt Jelly a lot of people just see him as the guy with a beard and baseball cap swearing and carrying on. I know he's done a lot of good work but he's really rough around the edges and that usually doesn't sell to the mainstream. Jason Farr on the other hand is a known voice with a certain amount of respectability. Whether he's done anything or not isn't really important to everyone, its about a respected name, something that many feel Matt Jelly is not. You may disapprove of the feelings of the majority but as I've said often you cannot browbeat people into sharing your views. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for RTH and they can learn to listen to other viewpoints and reach consensus with a larger group of people or they are destined to wallow in the fringes. As much as I disagree with much f what you guys stand for I admire your passion and hope that you learn to work with all stakeholders rather that butt heads when you promote your ideas. Being so confrontational is the reason your candidate failed IMHO

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