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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 25, 2010 at 18:24:24

Mayor I was torn between fred and bob for a long time. My quick summary of fred is that he is not bad for Hamilton, has some good ideas, is lacking any great ideas, and is too quiet and lame to garner much support from council. Meanwhile, bob is not bad for Hamilton, has some good ideas and a few great ones, and is too reactionary to garner much support from council.

In the end I went with non for a few reasons. First, he stood up against the aerotropolis. I can't understand Fred's vote on this, other than to assume he is either too dumb to see the huge problems with it, too "in" to vote it out, or too afraid of pussing people off to vote no. If he is going to continue playing it safe with tough decisions then I have no use for him. Second, I agree with many of Bob's positions on things such as rail and transit (I think the a line thing was a bit off but cooler heads will prevail), city hall, Lister, etc.

For ward 2, I went with jelly. He has worked the hardest for years already and has not even been in the running. He will challenge anyone he has to for the betterment of the city and I believe he will truly (and always) out the city above any and all personal motivations. Martinus has a good platform too but I fear that he will always be wary of taking any risks that might affect his political and business career. Down with career politicians. We need real citizens who care about the city making the big decisions on our behalf!

Bob and Jelly!!

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