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By atlas (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 18:20:39

@bob lee It's true; Glenn Robinson does read OK on paper. It bothered me, however, that he actually READ most of his answers during the debate. Obviously, it's important to anticipate the questions and rehearse your answers, but he certainly didn't convey any ability to think on the spot. Not to mention the fact that his reading was extremely tedious. He did not engage in the debate. He also made very little contribution to the open forum portion. Mind you, I am not trying to pick on Glenn; in fact, he performed better than some of the other candidates.

I won't list all of my grievances, but as another example, Ron Tammer blatantly and purposely insulted his two-year-old granddaughter in his opening statement (even if it was meant as a joke, it failed MISERABLY). He also proposed to turn part of the Cootes Paradise area (where the abandoned greenhouses are, off Olympic Drive) into a baseball field.

It wasn’t just Mr. Robinson, or Mr. Tammer, all of the candidates had a poor showing in their own way. Overall, no one, including the incumbent Russ Powers, offered a confident, inspiring vision for Dundas. Most of the points brought up were minor and had little substance. I hope we see some fresh faces next time around.

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