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By Inhocmark (registered) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 16:42:49

I think the Missus and I will be voting for Mayor Fred. I don't agree with everything he has to say or his entire platform, but I also feel he was probably the most genuiune of the big 3 candidates and you'd know what to expect.

In Ward 15 we'll vote for Judi Partridge. Ultimately it was slim pickings up here in Flamborough so the key was to find somebody versed enough in local issues but still knowlegable enough about Hamilton as a whole and Partridge seems to fit that bill.

As a suburban voter, my priority is to elect a slate that will take a global view of Hamilton but address some issues closer to home. It dismays me that despite the higher taxes (as a percentage) that we pay in Hamilton, I can not get reliable bus service into Downtown without going into Burlington. I recognize though that a strong Hamilton benefits us all that with a stronger commercial and industrial tax base that the city can afford to achieve its goals while keeping residential tax rates at an acceptable level.

Overall my vote is a balancing act between self interest and the collective good. My optimistic belief is that Mayor Fred is the choice for all of Hamilton as opposed to what I viewed as cheap pandering for the suburban vote by Di Ianni (with his unrealistic talk of no property tax increases) or Bratina (and his De-Amalgamation talk).

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