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By John Neary (registered) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 16:16:04


No kidding. If every there was a media source with a bias todays blog entries make it official.


Commenters posting their voting selection doesn't make RTH biased.

There are two different notions of "bias" at play here. From a statistical perspective, RTH commenters are a biased sample of the overall population with respect to their political affiliation. Whether or not this difference in political affiliation between RTH commenters and the general population reflects an inherent political bias (as I believe turbo would argue) or a greater understanding of the evidence (as I believe Jason would argue) is open for debate.

Speaking of biased political affiliation: is there anyone out there who wouldn't take Jelly AND Martinus (and perhaps some of our other Ward 2 hopefuls) over any of the incumbent councillors who is running for re-election (other than McHattie?) Ward 2 has indeed had a spectacular group of candidates. I am not philosophically predisposed to supporting term limits, but I'm close to changing my mind based on this experience.

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