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By Fred/McHattie (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 16:11:19

I'm voting Fred and McHattie.

The Bratina/Vranich connection kept me from voting for Bob, and 3 years of DiIanni was more than enough. Fred hasn't been perfect but I have been very proud of him in the past year while dealing with the stadium issue. I don't support the AEGD so I'm hoping he can be persuaded away from that viewpoint.

In fairness to the rest, I have spent some time listening to the debates and reading the platforms of the other candidates. While I like some of them enough to consider them for a council seat, I don't think any of them has what it takes to be Mayor.

As for McHattie, he's done a lot of great work for the Ward and for the City. He's the reason I don't support term limits. I'd hate for a less-worthy individual to get his seat just because he's served two terms.

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