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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 14:49:06

I returned to this article just to see if the harangue from deluded WH supporters was as silly as I recalled. Yes actually, if it is read in light of how events have transpired especially.

Note that I am not saying all WH supporters are or were deluded, only some as described.

In this and so many other articles on the WH option I pointed out simply that a stadium would not be built anywhere in Hamilton without the support of R Young and the Ti-Cat organisation. You would think this would be painfully obvious to anyone but no I caught an incredible quantity of flack for just stating it.

To what should be no ones surprise, I was and continue to be correct in this matter. I also said I thought some were being less than honest describing themselves as Ti-Cat fans. Oh the cries of foul on that one.

Feel free to root around RTH and now WH supporters are openly saying they are not and have really never been fans and their support was about site remediation for the area.

I could tell these people were not interested in foot ball please don't delude yourselves into thinking that others can't tell the difference too. It does a great diservice to you and those you attempt to deceive. You will undermine the credibility of this publication in addition to losing your own. I know these deceptions have been employed by political movements with some success but they are very old now and people are much better informed than ever before regardless of their political / economic beliefs.

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