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By mikeyj (registered) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 13:31:07

Ward 2: After much deliberation, at the end mostly between the nearly identically platformed Jelly and Martinus, I'm going with the latter. It was the Cable 14 debate that finally pushed me over to Geleynse's side. Although Jelly also did perform well, Martinus seemed more capable of the balancing act that is: voicing his platform, being engaging, and remaining diplomatic enough not to alienate opposing views.

I think Ward 2 was very fortunate to have the quality of candidates we did this year... especially considering the number. I wish some of those prospects were spread out across other races, specifically the mayoral race.

Mayor: Fred'ing it. Hamilton has quantitatively improved under his leadership, however ill perceived it's been, and I just can't see that momentum carrying forward under any other candidate.

That said, I would like to have seen some more desirable challengers, the Cable 14 debate in particular was an absolute embarrassment.

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