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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted October 25, 2010 at 12:43:16

In Ward 2 I'll be voting for Mayor Fred and Matt Jelly, and am very comfortable recommending both to other Ward 2 residents.

Despite my recent disappointment over the Aerotropolis vote, I still think that Mayor Fred is the best option among the front runners (yes, as long as we're FPTP, I'll be a committed strategic voter). If there's one thing I value in a politician this era of reactionary politics, it's consistency, and not bending to momentary public whims. Fred has shown over the past four years that he's a thoughtful, respectful and committed politician with a vision for this city that's progressive while remaining realistic.

Matt Jelly has similarly demonstrated his bona fide commitment to Ward 2 over the past few years, and has been no slouch in creating opportunities to affect change when the City has abdicated its responsibility (see Bylaw Crawl). Among a list of candidates that is overwhelmingly old, white and male, I think anyone who breaks that mold is worth a vote, and I'm confident that Matt will bring new energy and ideas to City Hall on behalf of Ward 2 constituents, so that's why he has my vote.

And if you're still looking for resources on your Ward 2 candidates, our decision matrix has had a few edits made to it (requested by candidates) and is still posted at

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