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By Paul (registered) | Posted October 24, 2010 at 16:23:46

Di Ianni of all people could have afforded someone to properly look after his finances, it looks to me like he just didn't count on aybody looking very hard.

Regarding Press Release, just like he did when in power, he appears again to be trying to use the courts to shut people up so they are not reminded of his past legal entanglements.

For people who think his critics are too harsh, consider the fact that while the city has only a minority interested enough to vote, no other politician evokes such strong negative reactions. Why? It obviously has to do with his past actions while in power.

He divided this city like no other and hammered against those most concerned for its welfare for his own agenda.

In fairness he was not alone and many others currently in power should hold some of the blame and I can only hope no matter how faint that this election might start turning things around with some new faces on our next city council.

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