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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted October 23, 2010 at 16:36:28

Instead of giving more money to the central planners, why not return Hamilton to it's roots, low taxes and a strong, innovative private sector.

If the goal, even for lefties, is to create more business activity, how does giving more money for government to spend accomplish this? Hamilton already has enough government, from Copps Coliseum, to Hamilton Place and an expensive public workforce, this city has more than enough government infrastructure to allow it to prosper.

What this city really lacks is a populace with money to spend. Without money in our pockets, we can have the best LRT system in the world and our economy will still be garbage. Government projects like LRT do not create new businesses, they only move people around the city a little faster. However, last I checked, Hamilton doesn't have any traffic problems. Therefore, why the need for LRT?

My idea is to cut taxes to Burlington levels. This will require taking on debt, but that's not a problem. With more disposable income to spend, business activity will increase, jobs will be created and Hamilton will attract new businesses wanting to grab a piece of the new spending. Once Hamilton gains a reputation of being a place where taxes are low, more people will want to move here, increasing assessments and thus tax revenue to the city.

When people think of Hamilton, they don't think, "not enough public infrastructure", they think, "poor city, not enough money in people's pockets". If we know that the problem is too little money to spend in our private sector, the answer is lower taxes, not more government spending.

Cut our taxes City Hall and let's get back to our roots as being a place where people can make money.

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