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By marvincaplan (registered) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 22:21:50

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan,are you so anxious to see that I am not re-elected? Let's try again. There are huge advantages to open source data in helping to inform the community of what a government is doing. It is vital that citizens can critique the information. The disadvantage is the flow from the public to Councillors who sometimes see an opportunity to pander to strong minority opinions that have little or no significance. As evidenced by my record, I respect and work with minorities, those with minority opinions, and those who wish to offer contrary opinion to information presented. That was, I thought the context of Open Source Data, a two way stream. That sort of two way stream has led in the past to Hamilton banning Nuclear Subs from our Harbour and to banning the feeding of pigeons. As you know, I am always responsive to questions from you and my constituents. So if I didn't understand or respond to your question, you could have clarified. Now, where is Raise the Hammer on support to my three decade long fight to have overlapping jurisdictions by every level of government and even within city government. The Feds include Burlington in Hamilton employment stats. Local government does much of its planning and statistical data by Neighbourhood. Wards are anything but homogenious, they range in size of population an extrodinary amount. Data only becomes information in context. Which context will it be used in? The areas defined by the Real Estate Community, the Chamber of commerce, isolated statistical evidence by the Spectator. Yes, you are right I don't understand Open Data without context.
Now, one candidate has stated he will refuse to meet with anyone he considers a Lobbyist. Does that include a lobbyist for fair wages, from a local union, or a planner that wants to discuss compromises? Does that not impede the flow of Data? Let us compare for a moment Ryan. When I was a council member was I in the top or bottom of the people who responded to you and to the wider community? Do you recall any instance where information was not forthcoming. I guess if one does not answer they way Raise the Hammer approves of it is OK to say anything you like. What about the candidates who don't answer at all?

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