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By harriet (registered) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 15:32:59

It's unfortunate that the writer of the article headlined "Eisenberger stumbles in race for mayor" is relying solely on a public opinion poll which is nothing more than a snapshot in time. I also hope the writer does a follow up story now that we are merely a few days away from election day. Fred Eisenberger may be perceived by many as bland and subdued but Fred is the only candidate for mayor who actually has a plan with a vision AND a road map on how to achieve that plan.

Fred did not turn the stadium issue into a sideshow debacle - Bob Young, Scott Mitchell and Eric Cunningham (who by the way is advising the Larry campaign) did that all by themselves!

Fred has stuck to his guns and in so doing, has put his political future on the line -- not for his own good, but for the good of the taxpayers of Hamilton. Even though his heart is in the West Harbour, he's willing to find solutions - not just for the stadium - for many other priorities, including modern public tranist, jobs and prosperity (which includes economic development and poverty reduction) and making Hamilton a livable community for everyone no matter where they live in this great, big amalgamated city! I challenge anyone on this blog who wants to be an educated voter to go to Fred's web site and check out his plans -- some of you will be surprised and some of you will just nod your heads. Fred's the man for Hamilton. I may not agree with everything Fred says or does, but he is definitely the clear choice for Mayor of Hamilton. He has already stated publicly this time around and back in the 2006 campaign that he is not interested in going beyond a second term. I say, let Fred take the city forward and get the rest of our priorities accomplished.

Bob is a great guy, but he doesn't have a plan. Bob also wants to be mayor so he can bring back decorum to council. Well, good luck with that. Until the provincial government includes measures in the Municipal Act to toughen up the Mayor's chair and to elect councillors/aldermen by the whole city vs. ward-by-ward, NO mayor will achieve success in implementing decorum. That is a personal choice by each elected representative. It's not up to the mayor.

As for Larry, definitely not my idea of a contemporary mayor. He is not my style (too arrogant, too negative, and slightly smarmy) but I have looked at his plan and it seems to me that Larry is ready to gut municipal services and layoff a bunch of city employees (who, by the way, pick up your garbage and plough snow off your streets) with his zero tax increase in the first two years. Larry doesn't say how he's going to pay for it (ask the Finance guys - they'll tell you it'll be through hack n slash measures) and Larry doesn't tell us what will be in store for years 3 and 4. Well, you can bet your last dime that tax hikes 5 to 10 per cent will be how he'll pay for his two-year zero tax hike. I also don't trust Larry Di Ianni. He may be a good listener, and have a good sense of humour, but I cannot trust him - and believe me, that trust factor has nothing to do with his Elections Act No-nos. He's been getting a free ride in the mainstream media thanks to the Spectator and Ms Reilly (I never thought I'd say this, but I cannot wait until Nicole McIntyre returns from mat-leave!) Let's face it, Reilly's getting the so-called "inside scoop" from Eisenberger's former campaign manager and ex-staffer so she cannot possibly be reporting in a fair and balanced manner - otherwise, Larry would be on the receiving end of a smack-down every day in the Spec! The point is, Larry lost the 2006 municipal election, he lost again when he ran in his own neighbourhood in the federal election, and then was told by the big party boys in Ottawa, "No thanks, Larry -- we've already got Hamilton East-Stoney Creek covered next time 'round." Larry needs a job; Larry can't stand to be on the sidelines; Larry is arrogant and Larry is not my idea of a modern leader. Thank you to RTH for allowing ordinary citizens to express their views - I appreciate this opportunity. Many thanks, HS

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