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By In the Know in Ward 11 (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 14:43:40

Here's some other interesting facts about Ken Chartrand so any answers he might give to raise the hammer or any other news outlet really can't be trusted. Its already been proven he’s lying about his job credentials – just last week at the debate he said he plans municipal subdivision. I got a copy of his job description from Peel and spoke to HR over there……nope – he has nothing to do with that stuff. He approves regional road closure permits -that’s about it. He tells people he interacts with council committees – also proven not true by way of job description and Peel HR. He says he’s a big volunteerer – also proven not true (only in 2010 did he start to volunteer his time). He said he was on a healing retreat in Phoenix for his knee surgery – his wife was there for a work trip (there was evidence of it on her website and he tagged along.
This guy and his wife have embarrassed themselves with such childish behaviour by verbally attacking volunteers at events and with lies and embellishments so much that there is an “anybody but Ken” movement. A huge number of people in my community have rethought their vote. We want integrity not lies and “smooth talking” cheap salesmen tricks. Luckily we've discovered Ken's deceit in time.

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