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By meagan (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 10:42:29

Hey Fred, thanks truly. I'm going to research these titles today and see where I can pick some of them up. I haven't been to the library yet, but I believe they might still have my card there waiting for me to pick up (I requested one, sheesh it's got to be over a year now).

I have my opinions, but I'll be honest, I'm not a numbers person. I live in the heart of Ward 3. I love my house. I like my neighbours. I hate King Street East and the boarded up (but otherwise decent looking) building that stares straight at me every morning as I travel north on Fairleigh South to head off to work. I want the boards GONE or, at the very least, some proper hoarding installed. The city can at least improve its by-laws concerning eye-sores like that. It damages the value of my property. I did complain about how sick and tired we were of being accosted by prostitutes on King. Not more than a month later, all of them were gone and we witnessed a raid at one of the rub n' tugs. But, oh le sigh, they're back now, likely because Barton/Cannon residents complained and they migrated back to our neck of the woods. Perhaps I ought to call again about the boarded up building.

When you wrote "wavering when the moment called for decisiveness" I found myself almost jumping out of my chair and pointing to the screen, yelling "yes, this! THIS!". I can see the waivering and indecisiveness. It's very apparent, even to the casual onlooker.

However, being a Ward 3 resident, I can't be casual about it. I've really fallen in love with Hamilton. I've always rooted for the underdog, and I want to see all of those who have called Hamilton a "hole" eat crow some day. I'll even concoct a rather inventive recipe and serve it up buffet-style for them.

Again, thanks for the resources.

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