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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 19:47:59

Sorry but I'm looking at all of the stops. No matter what vehicle you are using for public transit lurching occurs at stops and starts. Surely you can acknowledge this. Also the local routes are not going LRT electric. They'll still be diesel and all of the noise smell problems that go with them. I cannot understand how putting them in a residential area with stop signs every 100 yards is going to be anything but a problem for local residents. This is one of the local feeder systems you proposed. Central isn't a terrible idea and Cannon makes sense but lets strike the unworkable one off before we go further. The problem with longer walks is that it is well established that the longer the walk the fewer passengers a bus route attracts, thus the need for locals. I, for example always use the 1 1A instead of the 10 even though the 10 is faster because the 1 1A is 3 blocks closer to home. In the winter or in the rain the walk is crucial. If there is a King LRT I likely won't use it but rather opt for the Main St local as it will be 8 blocks closer and I'm never getting on a streetcar that loads in the centre of the street anyway. Heck Cannon would be a block closer than the King Sherman stop for an LRT. My problem would be the transfer onto the LRT line. For that reason I'd take the Delaware that runs down King if it ran up Centenial to Eastgate and doubled back and ended up on Delaware/Main like it does now

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