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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 19:17:15

The problem is that Cannon and Central can't cross the redhill and thus a lengthy transfer will be required.

No Dunsmure cannot house buses. Its much too narrow and if you've ever riden a bus you will know how stops and starts would cause passenger discomfort noise pollution in quiet neighborhoods and if the buses remain diesel a smell not welcome there. Nope Dunsmure is a no-go on every level

Additionally its about the cars. Where do they go. They don't disappear as much as you'd like them to unless everyone just stays home. Those who don't take the bus aren't going to suddenly wake up and start taking public transit. The only hope for ridership growth is more people. The ones we have are not going to change no matter how much people tell them they have to

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