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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 17:58:13

Are you guys serious. They are going to make the HSR service worse in order to implement LRT???? Make no mistake the current B line stops cannot work and if you increase the number of stops over the current B line schedule in order to make it walkable to 100% of the population along the corridor it will be self defeating on the time savings goal. The 1 1A cannot be eliminated they must somehow be shifted to a viable alternate They can go on Main or King depending on the LRT route chosen but beyond the Delta its a real problem. A local service is an absolute requirement. trasitstudent, my entire point is there are no alternate routes available There are but 3 bridges over the Red Hill Creek. Barton, Queenston and King. Local service must go down Main to Queenston past the Delta, there is no other option except Queenston so please suggest an alternate to Main that joins up with Queenston and serves the area in question. I'm all ears

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