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By omro (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 16:17:44

I still believe LRT is best served on Main. Put the LRT on King and you will take away from the streetscape on King in places where the road is not wide enough to take two LRT lanes without reducing the size of sidewalks and flowerbeds. Add to the fact the route is longer and will cost more.

Main needs the investment that LRT dollars will provide far more than King does. Main will become more of a wasteland, not less if LRT goes on King. King will intensify with a greater number of people using the core, regardless of whether LRT is on there or not. The same cannot be said of Main.

LRT is needed east and west at this time and needs to be more ambitious than it currently is. It needs to head further into Dundas and Stoney Creek.

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