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By JMorse (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 15:23:27

I agree with Ryan and Jason. The LRT line will be best located where the highest current transit use already exists. Forget about LRT getting in the way of vehicle traffic. Any idea of putting LRT on a less developed street would be a mistake. Less commercially developed streets better serve vehicle traffic, and drivers don't need to worry about so many crossings, pedestrians, events, etc.

Imagine King St. as a destination only, instead of a through street. The LRT will become the through traffic on King St. The result will be that King St. will no longer be the choice for getting across town. Right now people seem terrified, but they will adapt easily to choosing one of the many alternates.

Not to mention all the time and money invested in the King St. LRT plan. We must not wonder what 'might' be better at this point. The choice was made using sound, proven studies. We need to put all of our support into the current plan to move it forward as fast as possible or we may set this opportunity back another generation.

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