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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 14:47:17

I'm new to following the LRT project so here's a beginner's thoughts.

-An East-West line will do more to encourage lower city revitalization than a North-South line.

-By looking at a map and just driving Main Street makes way more sense then King. It's a shorter route and much wider. I asked this question at the open house and it was explained that King provides a better net benefit for revitalization and private investment due to the proximity of existing housing and businesses. I can concede this point, however the pragmatist in me can't stop looking at Main .

-Personal feeling: Turbo is correct about E-W transit needs already being serviced. I also feel from a practical view-point that N-S makes sense from as a people mover but does little to nothing in terms of revitalization opportunities for the core.

-I agree if we start changing priority to N-S we could run into funding issues.

-I'm hoping the new council will repeal the Aerotropolis project. I'm betting if AEGD goes ahead the LRT project could be hijacked by council and diverted N-S.

I'm researching and really still forming my opinion on the whole project so I am very fluid on any positions on the subject. I do agree this could spur core revitalization. I have read some good opinions here on why rail is so much better and worth 3 times the cost of a dedicated bus line, but once again the pragmatist in me is having a hard time with the extra cost.

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