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By jonathan dalton (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 14:46:18

BTW Bratina is correct, we don't need the east/west corridor LRT as its already well served. What the city needs is better north/south service and an LRT would be of far more benefit going up and down the Mountain than a lower city east/west LRT. The big thing that should be looked at is a loop that would connect Eastgate/up the RHV median connecting to an east/west mountain corridor thru Limeridge to Upper James and down the escarpment to a downtown station which would connect to a lower city east/west line. My belief is the Limeridge to Eastgate leg should be the first one built as we already have good lines to downtown from Limeridge and Eastgate

You're suggesting transit from a mall to a mall? I think you're confusing two things - the need for transit, and the need for higher order transit. Like you said, the east / west corridor where the B-line LRT is planned is already the most well used. That is why it needs to be served by LRT - the ridership is there to justify the added capacity. A mall to mall route might be adequate for bus service, but the first LRT line needs to go where the ridership is high and the capacity is needed.

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