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By EugeneM (registered) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 08:50:46

You couldn't let this thread die could you?


I'm at a total loss as to why you keep coming after me specifically, and also the Stipeley association.


My first guess would have been MHooper. He/she [playnice/snookumsz/cantweallgetalong] appears shortly after I'm debating with MHooper. The tone of the posts by MHooper aren't similar enough to his/her.

Which makes me think that he/she is "the individual being attacked here", who knows MHooper, Gail and CCurrie.

I wasn't "coming after" you MHooper, I was more curious as to the identity of playnice/snookumsz/cantweallgetalong.

Your decision to rejoin this thread proves my point. You know who this person is! By bringing up David Derbyshire, as a distraction, you have confirmed their identity and again I was right. Thank you.

I would further invite you to see for yourself, without reservation, what we are all about.

I've read enough about what you're all about from various posts from playnice/snookumsz/cantweallgetalong, yourself, Gail and CCurrie. No thanks. I'm glad I do not live in your neighborhood.

Once again:


As an Association, this allows us a greater exposure so that we can reach more neighbors


My recommendation to the candidates is to make sure you get a neutral and fair discussion at the all candidates meeting, because the South Sherman Hub is not neutral, nor is the South Stipeley Neighborhood Association. Their boards are very pro-Morelli and whether they are acting as individuals or as members of these groups, they will have a lot of influence. They claim not to be political, however the actions of their members clearly are opposite to this claim.

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