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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted October 19, 2010 at 23:35:17

This ties in very much to my "first impression" question - I don't understand how the leadership of this city fail to understand the absolute need for a good first impression, a clean, beautiful, vibrant downtown filled with attractions and great space -- that will entice rather than repel people

Is attraction rather than repulsion that hard to understand? Is the need for the core of the city to showcase the best this city has to offer so difficult to grasp? Does our leadership get that there are thousands and thousands of students, visitors to events at Copps/Hamilton Place, visitors to family and friends who come each year and think "ugh, Hamilton has nothing for me".. not to mention the people who live here and go "ugh, Hamilton has nothing for me." and then the reinforcement from those who live here and don't like a lot of aspects.

I speak with lifelong Hamiltonians who have no idea of some of the great things here I've discovered in three years, from trails to parks to shops to restaurants. It really, really disturbs me that this city allows a brokendown core to define it and creates more and more suburbs to escape it.

It's not all about the downtown, which is why my question is broader, but it's a huge part of it.

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