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By jason (registered) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 18:06:02

yea, based on that CHML debate today, Larry is done. He had zero of value to add to the discussion. All he did was take cheap shots at the other two. Fred has a solid 4 years to draw upon and even Bob had a decent 7 years in Ward 2.
I love how the lower city is completely irrelevant to Larry. When talking of amalgamation or area rating he intentionally spreads false info about who pays the highest taxes in the city. Not once has he mentioned downtown or the inner city. On the Cable 14/Spec debate the other night he mentioned Westdale, the Mountain, Stoney Creek, Flamborough etc... as all paying too much tax thanks to amalgamation and/or area rating.
FACT: the central, inner city pays a higher rate than all of those areas.

No point in letting facts get in the way of a good old fashioned misinformation campaign.

Some of these other candidates need to see the world before running for office. Tony Maronne and one other guy kept going on and on the other night about what a waste of time and money LRT is when the real issue is jobs. LOL.
I wonder what their great plan for more jobs is? Build business parks on the outskirts of town full of banquet halls??
Do some research fellas. LRT is perhaps the greatest job creator that this city will ever see.

It's no wonder some of the powers that be tried to sabotage the stadium issue behind the scenes. They have zero chance of beating Fred based on performance or comparing previous terms in office. Even the stadium might not be enough to unseat him because most of the city realizes that we're being ripped off and that there are far more important things to spend our valuable money on.

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