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By JMorse (registered) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 16:55:12

In my optimistic view, the undecided vote is thoughtfully considering the options. They want to make sure Bob and Larry's platforms are as shallow as they seem, before they go ahead and vote for Fred's more thought out platform. I'll admit I was feeling a bit disheartened about Fred, and that he may not have what's needed to make his plans reality. I was being convinced by the media and buzz that Fred's even temperament was a fault. What I have learned is that the alternatives are not better even if they can get things done, because it's not clear what 'things' are.

It's clear by the today's CHML debate that it's easy for Bob and Larry to take shots while Fred defends his record, which isn't that hard for Fred either. This made Fred look a lot better than the others, and it was obvious. Let's not underestimate the electorate, they voted for the progressive candidate before, why wouldn't they do it again?

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