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By adrian (registered) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 16:19:00

Eisenberger would also have benefitted by focussing less on LRT

I think one of the issues is the apparent failure to educate Hamiltonians that LRT will boost economic development, creating jobs and alleviating poverty.

In your opinion would the results have been different if the question was, "What issue and/or optics has most hurt the Fred Eisenburger campaign?"

I don't think you'd get meaningful responses to that question, because I don't think most people are thinking about it in that way - they're simply developing their impressions of the candidates, and those impressions are, to a huge extent, based on how their campaigns are conducted.

The primary issue people are concerned with, apparently, is the economy. Eisenberger actually has a good record in this regard - incredibly good given the economic storm he had to navigate. So why isn't this turning into at least another five or ten percent support over his rivals?

I think the problem is messaging - for example, look at the list of stuff on the front page of this website: downtown rejuvenation, amateur athletics, wastewater treatment, waterfront renewal, fair trade, etc. Heck, he even has "more beautiful community" in there! All great, sure, and mixed in there are some other things about jobs and prosperity, but it is not a cohesive message by any stretch of the imagination.

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