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By Edward HC Graydon (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 08:02:23

The steel industry has been a eye sore to Hamilton since I was a child and I believe Hamilton is now at the point to start its new steel industry free image . The side effects from the steel industry on our health has been enormous {high cancer rates and asthma}the side effects of 900 jobs where not worth the end result.Hamilton will be a better place to live when the steel industry is gone,but this does not mean a loss of jobs! in fact more jobs can be created in the remediation and dismantling of the steel plants than would now ever be created in the future.I believe based on our figures 30,000 jobs can be realised.

If having the steel plants in your back yards all while posing health concerns for your children and grand children is acceptable than I am wasting my time,but if this is a concern to you and a goal to see Hamilton cleaner and free of the steel industry than I would like to spend my time achieving this goal for you all while making the share holders happy and realizing a profit,the immediate neighbourhoods not so depressed,and the pensioners happy than lets move forward with this goal."I believe it is a worth while goal to have"

Edward HC Graydon

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