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By Seine Mind (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 05:58:03

@TnT "If a mayor has to live in Hamilton to run I think that ward councillors should have to live in those wards to qualify."

Why not extend that to continuous residence for at least one council term? All too easy to just rent a flat while you’re en route to file your nomination papers, and it's proof positive that you care enough and have developed sufficient perspective on the ward dynamics.

I'm not entirely serious here. The objection has everything to do with the candidates in question. If it was someone you admired and thought highly of, you might wish barriers lower still.

In addition to which, it has to be said: If a non-resident can win the battle for hearts and minds over indigenous candidates, that is perhaps qualification enough. We are all operating under the preconception that voters elect the candidate they deem most worthy of the job, are we not?

One would hope that we as a city aim to secure the best talent for various roles, and that such expertise is not geographically specific. In that way, for example, we might also enjoy the entertaining and educational input of a retired businessman whose corporate perspective relates to his years spend building a high-performing business in Toronto.

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