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By EugeneM (registered) | Posted October 18, 2010 at 15:51:06

You go away for a few days!

I'm not surprised that playnice, snookumzs and cantweallgetalong are the same person.

playnice - Your constant conspiracy theories and sinister spins

His/her motives are pretty clear. To put across the same viewpoint, appearing to come from multiple accounts, opposing mine and others like mine to influence the undecided into thinking that I'm wrong. Makes me believe that what I was saying was right! They seem to have the same theme to belittle me, claim that there are aggressive, negative tactics employed by Tetley and that this discussion is a waste of time. I know these Jedi mind tricks. Hopefully no weak minded individuals believed these accounts. All in all I'm now convinced that the opposite is true, that there is a negative and aggressive campaign against Tetley being waged by this individual and the people associated with him/her.

I'm surprised that there aren't a few other accounts that are linked to these three.

My first guess would have been MHooper. He/she appears shortly after I'm debating with MHooper. The tone of the posts by MHooper aren't similar enough to his/her.

playnice - It seems that you really are on the attack to anyone that has a difference of opinion.

Is the first comment from him/her meant to reduce the relevance of my opinions to others.

Then I thought that it could have been Gail, as a lot of what her account says seems to echo what he/she says. However, Gail comes across as a little too hysterical compared to the posts of him/her.

However, it seems very clear to me that both MHooper amd Gail know this person.

cantweallgetalong - CCurrie, very well put and from the alliances I've seen on here, very brave too!

Cantweallgetalong pops up to defend CCurrie the same way playnice pops up to defend MHooper. So that means that CCurrie is known by this individual also.

Then I read the single post by againstthemilitia

snookumzs - He doesn't have an 'army of bullying, radical, vigilantes'
againstthemilitia - radical vigilante mentality

snookumsz - a negative campaign is rarely a successful one
againstthemilitia - his entire existence seems to be based on a negative campaign

snookumsz - 'software salesman who throws dog crap at people'
againstthemilitia - a software salesman

playnice - round all of us up and put us in a camp?
Againstthemilitia - Public flogging without a trial? Ignore the legal process?

Sound familiar? Shortly after againstthemilitias one and only post, snookumsz appears to join the debate.

playnice - The individual being attacked here (working as Chair) for SSH is again, a volunteer. The SSH is NOT a political organization and ANY hosted meetings are impartial as is their mandate. There will be a mediator, and everyone in attendance can submit a written question to be presented to the candidate to answer. The South Sherman Hub is a very respected organization, that is asset based, community development.

He/She is defending things too strongly. Which makes me think that he/she is "the individual being attacked here", who knows MHooper, Gail and CCurrie.

My recommendation to the candidates is to make sure you get a neutral and fair discussion at the all candidates meeting, because the South Sherman Hub is not neutral, nor is the South Stipeley Neighborhood Association. Their boards are very pro-Morelli and whether they are acting as individuals or as members of these groups, they will have a lot of influence. They claim not to be political, however the actions of their members clearly are opposite to this claim.

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