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By AndreaC (anonymous) | Posted October 18, 2010 at 14:07:32

I suspect Bratina as mayor would mean four years of quotable sound bites and a very polarized community. The root of my suspicion is that during the stadium debate a few months ago I wrote a thoughtful but strong email to Mr Bratina in which I expressed my disappointment at his lack of leadership on what was a very important issue to me as a North End resident. He responded in an extremely disparaging and insulting manner. I did try to stick to issues and after a few emails back and forth the tone become somewhat conciliatory and Bratina said he'd like to have a cup of coffee with me. I proposed some suitable times but the cup of coffee never happened. The impression I was left with was of a man with a large ego who does not have a geniune interest in exchanging ideas, and who does not keep his promises. I will vote for the less-charismatic Eisenberger, who I suspect is more into under-promising but over-delivering.

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