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By MartinusGeleynse (registered) | Posted October 17, 2010 at 23:37:52


I have a quick and honest objection about your statement:

 "Let me finish by saying that I am for two-term limits. I was the first and only candidate to 
  not only publicly say it but include it in my printed materials. For others to try and "own" 
  the position now that it is gaining traction are not being genuine."

You may recall, that I was the fifth candidate registered in Ward 2. When I registered, the other declared candidates were: Hoojung Jones, Liban Abdi, Kevin Wright, and Shane Coleman. This was long before Bob decided to run for mayor, and long before you registered your candidacy. Considering my print materials already contained the plank of term limits before you became a candidate, I respectfully beg to differ with you when you state that I am not being genuine. Cheers, Martinus

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