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By highwater (registered) | Posted October 17, 2010 at 18:16:07

I've been doing a bit of volunteering for Mayor Fred's campaign, and I've seen enough to know that he is not campaigning lightly by any stretch. He and his wife are out at public events from sun up till long past sundown, and when he's not attending functions, he's canvassing door to door, returning phone calls personally from any voters we encounter who have questions, doing pretty much everything except putting up his own signs, and for all I know he's done that as well. I'm exhausted just watching them.

I didn't know Fred at all when I started. I decided to volunteer because I was impressed that he had put his political future on the line to do what he felt was best for the city where the stadium was concerned. But seeing him in action more closely over the course of this campaign, I've really come to respect and admire him. He's an incredibly decent, down-to-earth man.

Maybe his campaigning seems light because unlike Di Ianni, he doesn't call a press conference every time he farts.

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