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By katydid (registered) | Posted October 17, 2010 at 12:57:04

@John Neary

I mentioned "5" because that is what the commentators chose at the end of the debate when they gave their citique. I thought the majority of the candidates gave a very good showing. The critics didn't chose the candidates I would have chosen, but that is their perogative. I don't mind there being 19 candidates. It does make it more difficult to get a handle on their platforms because time is so limited. As a voter, I've had to do a lot more digging in this election than I have ever had to do in the past. I still favour a candidate that actually lives in Ward 2 and there aren't very many of them out of the 19 running, and I favour a candidate with business, political, and community involvement experience. At the moment, of the 5 the critics chose, I think James Novak best meets this criteria.

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