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By Tartan Triton (anonymous) | Posted October 16, 2010 at 19:37:19

DiIanni is clearly dogged by the taint of his past. I'm sure he'd insist otherwise, but the campaign messaging - the supersized Larry and subscript DiIanni on his lawn signs, the domain – speak volumes. His surname will be in all-caps on the ballot but he dare not play it up on the way there.

Bratina is making hay out of being "the other name candidate," but has a farcical platform (even if it were feasible, deamalgamation would be an agonizing, city-stalling process that would make the Pan Am marathon look like a wind sprint) and would have had trouble equalling his mediocre 2006 vote count had he run again in Ward 2. He had a lot of downtowners onside when he got elected but has grown crankier and less credible over time.

Eisenberger is worse for wear after LD hijacked his inner circle, but he's doing okay. The thing is, okay is lame. He should own at least another 10% of the polling results -- but then, the 27% silence is a damning verdict on the 15 gents assembled.

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