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By T-rav (anonymous) | Posted October 16, 2010 at 19:31:38

Last person I would ever see as mayor is bob. Bob used to be my neighbour on central mountain years ago and he was a real prick then so I don't believe he is in this for Hamilton at all, just his own interests. I wish people would really listen to what he is really saying and if you get to know him you will see the real side of this asshole. People at that point might wake up and realize he is no good for this job. I am still sticking by Fred for this, he is truly in this for the best interests of the city and really believes in what he is doing now and what he will continue to do, he deserves another term without any doubt in my mind. I want my mayor to have experience, just because Bob was a good voice on the radio doesn't mean he will be a good mayor. If he did get in I can see him loosing next election big time, it's happened before and I know it will happen this time if he wins.

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