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By slodrive (registered) | Posted October 15, 2010 at 16:16:03

I'm wondering if any and/or all could help clarify this one-way versus two-way argument. First, keep in mind that I am not a resident of the downtown core -- thus, my experiences there are much more limited than many on here.

I tend to flip flop a bit on the two-way conversion of traffic. For areas in and around neighbourhoods, yes, I totally understand the demand for slower traffic. But on streets like Main and King (and here's where the ignorance might come into play), is it not a benefit to the city and those who live downtown to be able to get to their crossing streets in the most efficient manner possible? Whether by car or by bus, one of the things many outsiders speak highly of is the ability to get from A to B -- especially if they know where they're going.

It would think that a balance must be struck between safety and congestion. I wouldn't think it would be in anyone's interest to have traffic snarling on the major thorough-ways. Business, public transit, environment and pedestrian would all seemingly be negatively affected by this, no?

Interested in some perspective on this. Thanks!

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