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By ChrisAllen (registered) | Posted October 15, 2010 at 00:29:33

@Gail: You comments make perfect sense. The candidates should be focusing much more on issues such as cleaner/safer neighbourhoods. Having lived in other cities where urban blight detracted from their potential, the solution was to start fixing the small problems (remove grafitti, enforce grabage bylaws, ensure parks are clean, etc). That halted the decay and started the path which lead to urban renewal. There are many examples of this working in many major cities including New York and Los Angeles. It's called the broken window theory; which roughly states that if you leave a window broken it invited further windows to be broken and further decay. Now I do not want to be accused of supporting anyone as I have only had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tetley, but he has spoken of this. I do not know if the other candidates have the same opinion, I plan to meet with them and see. I still ask why hasn't the incumbent been forceful about issue this during his tenure?

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