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By Gail (registered) | Posted October 14, 2010 at 17:36:12

'Highwater'? How can you call yourself 'highwater' if we are not to know who you are? I have looked at Pauls site but I have no idea 'how' he intends to accomplish his goals. Your 'anchient' friend who you have mentioned was blocked from the South Stipely web site because she has been bashing me and others publicly. I'm not really sure if I can trust any of you at this point. This person is the same age as I am by the way so lets not feel too sorry for this poor innocent soul.
I was a Tetley supporter untill I started to hear all the bashing going on around me and I have to wonder if Paul and his crew are out to get people who disagree with them? If I were Paul I would be distancing my self from all you and your 'help'. I am a proud member of the South Stipely Board and I am only swayed by what I experience and see in the people running in ward 3. I see Sean Gibson running a very clean campaign. Bernie Morelli has a great deal of support from many of my friends and neighbours. I have no idea what support Paul has but wish him well. I do wish that Paul's 'friends' were not bashing our board members this is very low!!! It is only our own business who we support, you may be suprised at who this is for many of us. This however is not your business!!!

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