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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted October 14, 2010 at 12:44:17

Ryan, glad you found that.


It's really not as simple as what it appears to be on the surface. If The Pearl had paid $1200 and waited 60 days for community input for a non-conforming legal use BEFORE opening the doors NONE of this acrimony would be happening, NONE. The much sneered at and derided 'Process' allows the people that live in the immediate community a chance to voice concerns when a change to a building's official use is made. It would have also allowed the owners of the building to defend their intentions and plans. It is a two way process when applied AT THE RIGHT TIME allows everyone to state their case, however petty it may seem to others. The citizens of the neighborhood were there first and thus I personally believe have a say and stake in any changes BEFORE they are made. In my eyes the citizens were there first and have a right to be heard. This process however you feel about it was by-passed by the Pearl, they opened before consulting the community in a formal manner. Because the owner of the Pearl were obstinate in not thinking they had to go through the process it has become the hugely expensive zoning change. I think considering the past uses of the Pearl the owners would have had a strong case for a quick approval, the only roadblock being parking which has since been addressed.

I have posted many times on this subject, my issues with the Pearl are not consulting with the local citizens and the following hue and cry by the owners that a great injustice has been done to them. They were aware of the risks, took a chance and lost... stop making this everyone else's problem. Maybe that's harsh but I have yet to hear any admission of any accountability for the horrid, divisive mess this has become from the owners of the Pearl.


I use a nick-name here like many others on RTH. Unlike you my goal is not self promotion so please stop patting yourself on the back on your integrity. I only use one name and no others. Just because I don't bow to you and have issues with the acrimony you have created in the city by your lack of accountability in this mess does not mean I am 'hiding in the shadows'. If I have to change my handle here then everyone should only be allowed to use their real names.

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